The name Graecos (Greek)

The name Graecos (Greek) that the West uses to identify the Hellenes is not a latin word, as many mistakenly believe, but a Greek one, because it was used for the first time to identify the members of the first Hellenic Amphictionia (that was composed by the Thesprotians - Molossoi - Chaones that lived in Epirus, Western Greece).The use of the name Graecos is mentioned by Aristotelis:

The first Hellenes with whom the Latins came in touch were the Hellenes of Epirus and so by the common amphictionic name Graecos they named the rest of the Hellenes as Graecous (Grekos), too. The name Graecos was used during the christianic years by the Hellenes for self-identification neglecting the name Hellinas that was considered as non-christianic and was avoided. The previous analysis is logical because for the same reason the Arabs call the Hellenes Younan which means Ionas, since the Iones (Asia Minor) were the first Hellenes that came in touch with the Arabs.

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